10 week post op update on our first clinical case

Our little kitty friend who fractured his proximal tibia returned for his 10 week post op (revision) recheck. 

The client has been keeping the cat confined to a large crate and reports that the cat is pain free and ambulating normally.

As you can see in the video below, there is still a very mild lameness, but this is not unexpected given the fracture is still in the process of healing.

10 week post op rads show stable implants with progressive callus formation. The speed of the healing is also not unexpected given the damage to the biology, the fracture configuration and stiffness of the construct.

PEEK rod small animal fracture

IMPeek being used in fracture repair of cat

We will be obtaining additional images in 6 weeks and will post what we hope will be the final radiographs for this patient!

IMPeek rods are available for purchase here.