22 week post op update for geriatric dog comminuted tibial fracture

This is a 22 week post op update for a 10 year old male neutered Mastiff X who suffered a comminuted left tibial and fibula fracture in August 2019 which was repaired with a IMPeek plate-rod construct. The primary care veterinarian described the dog as completely pain free, free of medications with no lameness appreciated and full limb function. 

Progress of IMPeek plate rod in dog tibia

Images below show progressive resorption of the cranial and caudal butterfly fragments with re-establishment of a contiguous bone column beneath the plate. The fibula is healed by callus. The IMPeek rod remains in situ and implants appear stable and limb alignment maintained. Some progressive resorption appears around the proximal aspect of the rod, which likely represents micro-motion in this location rather than more serious etiologies like infection, of which there are no clinical signs. 

IMPeek plate rod comminuted tibial fracture old dog

Since the dog is clinically sound, the need for grafting seems excessive, so repeat imaging is being performed in 12 weeks to monitor progress.