IMPeek rod + plate first use in Australia

This case has generously been shared by the primary care veterinarian who helped this dog get back on her feet in rural Victoria, Australia. 
IMPeek rod and plate in Australia
Bella is a middle aged Red Heeler who suffered a high energy trauma to the right femoral diaphysis, which caused significant comminution. The veterinarian was able to stabilize the fracture with a 6mm diameter IMPeek rod and 10 hole LCP. Three locking screws were placed proximally and distally, with the vast majority reportedly engaged the IMPeek rod. The  IMPeek rod was approximately 70% of the internal diameter of the bone according to the veterinarian. A commercial synthetic bone graft was then placed into the fracture gap. 
Within 12 hours the dog was walking on the leg with minimal sling support. Follow up will be shared as it becomes available.