Post op updates on our recent IMPeek cases

See below for a quick update on all our recent IMPeek rod and plate fracture repair cases.

Pug vs Truck

You may recall our second reported case; our pug friend Tonka. Tonka is reportedly doing well 3 weeks post op fracture repair of his left tibia using orthogonal plating and a 4mm IMPeek rod. He is reportedly persistently weight bearing, bright as a button and has had his sutures removed at his regular vet. The clients report that he is doing better each week and they're extremely happy with his progress so far. Recheck images are due in about 8-10 weeks from now. Stay tuned!

Cat on the Town

A few days ago we rechecked on our second cat fracture, and first humeral case 2 weeks post op. The client reports the cat has been doing fantastically at home since being discharged. About 5 days post op the swelling in the limb resolved completely and the cat started to instantly weight bear and even attempted to jump up on the bed.... :( Bad kitty! I certainly am happy the cat is doing so well, but I do not encourage that so early post op!

The incision had healed so we took out the sutures. The left humerus was pain free, had excellent range of motion at the elbow and shoulder, and no evidence of inflammation or infection. Just look how happy the cat is below! Our plan is for recheck radiographs in about 10 weeks. 

The Old Dog and a Blind Spot

Our final recheck update is on our dear old 10 year old male neutered Mastiff X who was accidentally run over by his owner and suffered a comminuted fracture of the left tibia. 3 weeks post op the client reported over the phone that the dog's incision had healed perfectly, the limb use was persistently improving and there was only a mild lameness appreciated at the moment. The plan is for repeat imaging in 8-10 weeks. Stay tuned for more updates!